As marijuana legalization begins to sweep the nation, Bud and Breakfasts, cannabis rallies, and other marijuana-related events have been springing up not only in the States, but around the world as well.


The world of cannabis is continuing to grow. With the gradual acceptance of medical marijuana long after the first state voted in favor of the treatment back in 1996, that piece of legislation started a snowball effect that has slowly chipped away at cannabis prohibition to where recreational marijuana has become increasingly legal across America as well.

With these new laws, hospitality companies are popping up left and right promoting canna-tours that offer a taste of the best regional bud, among other unique amenities. Here is a guide to some popular cannabis tourism spots, and what you can expect from them:


It’s been a long time since the United States lifted its prohibition on alcohol in 1933. Since then, consumers have gotten used to the idea of pub crawls, wine trail tours, and booze cruises. Events, even holidays are at times wholly centered around drinking copious amounts of liquor. It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?
Back in the days of alcohol prohibition, speakeasies popped up as people sold their own brews inside rooms hidden in businesses and homes. Until marijuana legalization started gaining momentum, bud smoker’s speakeasies were the streets. For some, this is still the only option.

When alcohol prohibition ceased, speakeasies became bars and package stores. With the slow lifting of the ban on cannabis, buying marijuana on the streets has transformed into purchasing the plant at medical marijuana dispensaries and cannabis coffeehouses.

As the market for marijuana continues through its transformation, the herb has gone from a dangerous street transaction to a billion-dollar business of hospitality. Marijuana hospitality, just like medical marijuana and cannabis head shops are all budding businesses. As recreational marijuana becomes more accepted, and legal, pot tourism will continue to grow as well. If you are already a cannabis enthusiast and are ready for some cannabis destination tourism, here is what you can expect from your ganja getaway.


Whenever you go to a wine tasting, the person giving the tasting is educated and knowledgeable in the wines you are sampling. From what the ingredients are to how your taste buds perceive the drink, your host knows the ins-and-outs of the wine. It’s their business. The same may be said to marijuana hospitality groups.
Whatever their guest’s ailments, worries, needs, or concerns are, marijuana hospitality groups are well-versed in all things cannabis. Therefore, they will know the right strains to help you make the most of your marijuana siesta.

Hospitality tours also can introduce cannabis novices to different ways they can enjoy their herb. Vacationing with a cannabis hospitality group can open your eyes to lotions, oils, butters, and gels that you would have never known how to use or thought to try.


Much like when you arrive at a hotel with a “mint on the pillow,” many Bud and Breakfasts will leave you a joint of edible to welcome you. What makes this easy for the hosts to do is that impulsive marijuana buyers on their canna-tour vacation tend to buy a little too much merchandise that they cannot return home with. So they will leave their inventory behind for the hosts. From there, the hosts share with the next set of guests in a “Pay it Forward” type of deal.

Lastly, for your complimentary cannabis needs, a lot of canna-tourism groups offer a “4:20 Happy Hour,” where you can get free or discounted cannabis treats.



The 49th State became the 4th state to legalize recreational marijuana. Since then, canna-tourism has seen a boom up north. One of Alaska’s most popular spots to cannabis and chill is at the Bear Creek Lodge in Hope, Alaska.

During your stay at Bear Creek Lodge, your munchies will be amply satiated with a nightly five-course meal at their Dinner House. On the grounds at Bear Creek Lodge, you will be in the middle of nature, including their resident moose and her two baby calves. From there, you are free to partake in many outdoor activities that include fishing, whitewater rafting, and hiking the Chugach National Forest.

At night, Bear Creek Lodge hosts music around the fire while you enjoy some of Hope, Alaska’s popular local strain, Hope Dope.


The first state to legalize recreational marijuana gives a whole new meaning to Denver being the Mile High City. There are many canna-tourism hospitality groups throughout Colorado. One of the most popular is the Bella Vista Estate. This Bud and Breakfast has retreats for a variety of cannabis users from yoga, skiing, or spiritual awakening.

This three house, twelve bedroom estate overlooks the Rocky Mountains. Bella Vista Estate allows for indoor cannabis consumption. It also conveniently 10 minutes from Steamboat Springs, which offers a vast array of medical marijuana dispensaries as well as recreational marijuana head shops.


Cannabis and Jamaica’s love affair goes back far. That is what makes this island such a popular canna-tour destination. One of the most popular stops in Jamaica is the Hotbox Jamaica in Runaway Bay.

For $65 a night, cannabis is included with the rate and they will even provide you with a vaporizer. On-site of this private resort is a dispensary. From there, feel free to take a nap on one of the many hammocks set up on this waterfront property.

There is also plenty of fishing and watersports available for those who had a little too much sativa.


What makes Uruguay such a great canna-tour destination is that it is the first country to legalize recreational marijuana completely. Montevideo, Uruguay is a great getaway for the creative cannabis consumer. The city has a bohemian vibe and is full of unique architecture, beautiful waterfront promenades, and many museums and galleries.

While in town, be sure to join a marijuana tour to make some good connections. It is legal to consume cannabis anywhere in the country. However, it is illegal for non-natives to buy. Luckily, natives will hook you up and share the wealth.

After you get your hands on some Uruguay’s cannabis, be sure to stay at the Casa Stefano. This bud-friendly establishment is a stone’s throw from Oceania del Polonio. Suites come with two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, fireplace, and a deck that overlooks the sea.

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