Hemp and marijuana are not the same thing. Just get that out of your head. Sure, they come from the same family of plants, but they have completely different characteristics and can be used in a variety of ways. Hemp and marijuana may both be cannabis, but they also come with own lists of benefits.


There’s an incessant stigma surrounding the use of hemp in the everyday lives of human beings. Stigma aside, the beneficial use of hemp has been undenied. This cannabis-derived product has creeped into the ingredient lists of cosmetics, clothes and food. Want to learn more about what hemp can do for you that doesn’t include getting you high (save that for marijuana)? Read on to find out about the wonder-plant known as hemp.


It’s clear the use of Hemp has been closely associated with its fruity sister, Marijuana. Yes, as mentioned above, hemp is classified as a member of the cannabis family. This is the same family that boasts the criminalized schedule 1 controlled drug known as marijuana. However, hemp cannot do for you what marijuana does.

Though for those of you that aren’t looking to achieve that high that comes from ingesting marijuana, you can consume hemp and still come out clean on a drug test. The reason behind this is that hemp has low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the psychoactive chemical compound within marijuana that has rendered the plant on the schedule 1 controlled drug list.

Hemp only contains 0.3% or less of THC in its final state. Anything with traces of THC over the level of 0.3% is automatically considered a narcotic. From there, the item does not pass “go,” and does not collect $200 on its one-way trip to the schedule 1 controlled substances list.

Now that the difference is understood, you can understand how the benefits of hemp can be completely different than its family member, marijuana. Here are some ways you can reap the benefits of hemp.


The use of hemp in the construction of paper may just be the answer the world is looking for in the constant battle between humanity and trees. The U.S. Department of Agriculture have figured out that just 1 acre of hemp is equivalent to 4.1 acres of trees. That’s a whole lot of shade being taken away!

Unlike trees that can take up to 30 years before they are ready for harvest, hemp can take as little as 100 days. Not only can hemp sprout up quicker than trees, but unlike trees, hemp can also be used for more than just paper. Hemp may be utilized in the creation of car parts, fuel, and clothing. In fact, hemp was such a valuable plant for its versatility that this derivative of cannabis was used as a form of currency during a time where America was just a handful of colonies.


While medical marijuana can help your body medicinally, hemp can help your body nutritiously. It’s undeniable that babies receive a bevy of nutrients when they are nursing from their mothers. A little known fact about hemp is that the seed that the plant blossoms from contains a nutrient that is also present in breast milk.

Hemp comprises of a fatty acid known as Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, and weight loss promoter. On top of this essential fatty acid, hemp is full of other vital minerals, acids, and vitamins that include:

Omegas 3, 6, and 9
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
Vitamin E

Hemp is versatile in the cooking world as well. You can purchase hemp as oil and use it in the same vein that you would cook with olive oil. Another way to reap the benefits of hemp is to purchase hemp seeds. Much like sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds are a great addition to any salad, cereal, or smoothie. They contain a delicious nutty flavor, as well as a litany of nutritional benefits.


Gardeners, rejoice! Your green habit may just help your green thumb. Who would have thought the solution to troublesome weeds, would be more weed? Seriously though, it has been cited in multiple issues of the Yearbook of Agriculture, that the growth of hemp can be the best smother crop for weed (the pest, not the drug) control.


A hormonal imbalance can be experienced by those of any age, due to a deficiency in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). The answer to this problem is your old friend, Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). GLA works with other fatty acids in the body to create homeostasis. What this does is bring balance to the system. Hormones can easily become out of balance due to a poor diet, stress, aging, or medications. Unfortunately, not too many foods on the market have high percentages of GLA. Luckily, hemp is rich in this elusive acid, which makes hemp seeds and oil the ideal hormone balancing food.


Your immune system can be weakened for a number of reasons. On of the main reasons is a lack of healthy fats in your diet. Regular intake of healthy fats (such as….you guessed it! GLA) will help your immune system develop strong antibodies.

GLA works with the high concentration of Omegas in hemp oil to form chains of protein that help destroy inflammations that burrow themselves into the gut. In turn, this makes room for healthy bacteria to bury itself in the gut instead, which results in a stronger immune system.


Across the globe, there are over 100 million people who go without food every single day. As Something healthy like hemp can be grown almost anymore, matures quickly, and keeps producing for years. This makes hemp a viable solution in tackling wold hunger.

Not only does hemp contain the proteins, vitamins and immune boosting qualities required for a healthy diet, it can also produce two vital ingredients – flour and oil!

Hemp was used as an everyday commodity for centuries before those in power decided to associate it with marijuana. Why? Because the likes of paper, clothing, fuel, and medicine are now derived from large money-making industries. With over 25,000 known uses for hemp, it’s time to end the prohibition on this plant and reap the benefits of this holy grail!

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