Understanding hemp & marijuana industries’ legal thresholds is the first objective of any green leaf venture, as much as the interest in water & resource conservation.

The increase of distributorship in cannabis markets of the integrated global economy brings a myriad of hurdles when conversing with government personnel & environmental preservation organizations.

With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, economic opportunities in the industrial hemp category has created American innovations that pave the way for a more sophisticated future for marijuana & hemp entrepreneurs alike.

The confusion amongst industry officials & business operators, coupled with the burgeoning hemp farming segment, creates many inefficiencies in materials, processing, production, & distribution channels downstream of the farmers.

Farmers, a union already burdened with uninformed governmental oversight, are consistently subjected to changing laws that often neglect intrinsic concerns of entire economic sectors,  whilst underserved & underdeveloped regions are waiting for such more advanced states/counties to establish legal precedents. The local communities that which these sectors traverse are often not briefed effectively enough to minimize the cost of business outreach campaigns.

Kind Greens™ consults with private & public spheres to coordinate processes that promote fluent communication between relevant organizations that rely on timely and succinct reporting of industry developments. Concurrent community engagement milestones, where applicable, are factored into a project or overall campaign to set investments in motion at the right pace & right time.







Relationships with regulatory bodies along with zoning authorities allows for synergistic municipal planning. Let Kind Greens™ be your guide to a more efficient America